School Policies

The Greendale School policies can be viewed on the SchoolDocs© site.  

Enter the user name:  greendale
Enter the password:  learn
To view particular policies:
You can use the Search box (below our school logo on the Home page) to type in the name of the policy you are looking for.
For example, you may wish to search for “Medicines”, to access further information regarding administering of student medication, or “Medication Authority Form” to print off the relevant form to provide to the school.
To provide feedback for policies under review:
1  From the Home page, click on the Current Review box at the top of the page
2  Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed
3  Read the policy
4  Click the red Policy Review icon at the top right-hand corner of the page
5  Select your role from the drop-down list: Board member, Staff member of Parent/Caregiver
6  Enter your name (optional)
7  Submit your ratings and comments

If you don’t have internet access, school office staff will easily provide you with printed copies fo the policy and review form.

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