Welcome to Tūrepo, where our low class numbers allow us to cater to individuals’ needs for students from New Entrants to Year 3.  We follow a structured literacy and mathematics approach, to ensure our children are learning how to read, write and know how numbers work.  We also have activities that encompass the Key Competencies and engage our students through purposeful tasks that align with our focus using a variety of resources, equipment and materials.   We have plenty of movement and singing throughout our day and lots of group learning, when we foster the learning of co-operation and social skills needed at this age group.   Here in Tūrepo we foster the relationships between home and school and make sure that whānau are on the learning journey with their child and the school, to ensure the best outcomes for everyone. 

Funday Fridays with Mrs Harding (who is also the Principal), include a focus through storytelling and expressing ourselves in the many visual and performing art mediums.  Children recall events and link to our school L.E.A.R.N. values.  Rich Maths tasks are used to stimulate creative responses to number challenges using photos and materials. Children are nurtured in a supportive environment to contribute and build their confidence.  Physical Education skills and games are used during the day to give ‘brain-breaks’ at the end of a school week.  


Horopito class is where some of the Year 4 to 6  learners are based.   We usually have between 25 and 30 students in the classroom, currently supported by a full-time classroom teacher and two teacher aides.   We live by the school’s L.E.A.R.N values:   
  • We are Life-long learners
  • We strive for Excellence
  • We are Actively involved in many things
  • We foster positive and caring Relationships, and 
  • We Never give up. 
In addition to our daily Reading, Writing and Maths, we participate in a variety of STEAM-based activities on Fridays. This gets us thinking outside the box and using our team-work, sharing, patience and creative thinking skills.


Tēnā koutou, haere mai.   Welcome to Mataī. 

Mataī class is also made up of Year 4 to 6 students, with around 28 – 30 students with a teacher and teacher aide to support all learners.   Mrs Adams is our teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Friday Mrs Swanson is our teacher.   Our biggest focus is on building relationships between students and teacher and teacher aide.  We work hard to create an atmosphere where all students feel happy, safe, trusted, feel like they belong, can share and take risks. We insist that everyone is understanding of each other’s different needs and we are kind to everybody in our class and the wider school. We have zero tolerance for behaviours that prevent the above!

We begin each day by checking in with the students, so that our day starts in a positive and relaxing way. We keep with a regular timetable for those students who need structure, but do allow for flexibility.  We run an explicit reading, spelling and phonics programme.  Our engaging maths programme provides a mixture of knowledge building, strategy teaching and thinking and reasoning problem solving.  Our programmes allow students opportunities to work collaboratively and co-operatively in pairs, small groups and whole class situations with a wide range of experiences, with opportunities for success in all areas.   Science, technology and the arts are integrated throughout our classroom programme, built around the strengths, interests and our local environment of our students, whānau and community.  

We use a variety of devices in our programme.   Students use laptops, chromebooks and ipads. They learn to work in Google Drive and experience a variety of apps where they can create.   Our students are taught to be cybersmart, with an emphasis on how to create and maintain positive relationships in the online world we live in.

We utilise our sports activator and take opportunities such as bowls, hockey and rogaines.  We run a leadership programme through the Selwyn Sports Trust Whakatipu kaihautū.  Our Year 6s receive training at the beginning of each year then work hard throughout the year to earn points towards badges and certificates by organising physical activity and recreation activities at school and in the community. They will have the chance to:
  • Design their own programme
  • Set their own goals and record their progress
  • Make a positive impact
  • Learn valuable practical and social skills
  • Work with other students at school with a passion for physical activity.