Board of Trustees 2019 - 2022

(From left) Delia Gameson; Ralph Brown; Cat Tijsen; Kelly Hitchins; Janet MacDougall; Carey-Anne Hamilton; Colin Steven; Bernice Mangnall
  • Ralph Brown:  Chairperson;  Elected community representative
  • Janet MacDougall:  Deputy Chair, Personnel, Community Relations;  Elected parent representative
  • Kelly Hitchins:  Finance;  Elected parent representative
  • Cat Tijsen:  Health and Safety;  Elected parent representative
  • Colin Steven:  Property;  Elected parent representative
  • Bernice Mangnall:  Co-opted trustee
  • Delia Gameson:  Elected staff representative
  • Carey-Anne Hamilton:  Principal
  • Deb Palmer:  Board Secretary

The Board can be contacted by e-mailing: