Principal's comment: 4 May 2018

Published on Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 6:30 p.m. Print Article

I hope all families managed some quality family time with rest and relaxation over the holidays.

It was superb to see so many students and families at the Anzac Parade at Greendale. I was so proud of the way all of the students stood at the front for the entire service so perfectly! We had 3 roles to play
leading the National Anthem, singing the Maori prayer while the wreaths were placed and then giving each horse our own purple poppies. I had 2 emails which I’ve passed onto the children from Ian Warren-Greendale Community and Mark Appleton- President NZMRCT- thanking us for “a great job that was moving” and also for being part of the uplifting experience on a sombre day.

This week has included 3 extra experiences for some
Year 5 and 6 Rogaine at a Hororata Farm (similar to Orienteering), Malvern spelling bee for years 5 and 6 and the Rugby Fun day for year 4-6. Special mention to the “Greendale Geniuses”(Finn J, Sam, Lucas, Jackson) who got 2nd in the spelling bee out or 12 Malvern teams! More details on the senior page of the newsletter.

Thank-you to the PTA who are currently organising the Mothers Night
for all Mum, Grandma’s and Carers. Please pass the invite onto your Grandma’s and carers if they haven’t yet received an invite. There is a PTA meeting coming up on Monday night, it would be great to see some new faces along!

Welcome to Isaac’s brother Austin. It’s great to see Isaac looking after him.

Have a happy weekend
Regards Carey-Anne 

Rogaine at Thwaites Farm in Hororata